Deep Screat - Boys smarter Mathematics because it is not afraid of Wrong The quality of the child academically can be influence by various things, one of which parental upbringing was the characteristic that forms the child itself.

In addition, the children's academic ability is more noticeable in boys compared to girls, because boys are often taught explicitly, no wonder if known better able to solve math problems.

Based on a Study at the University of Missouri, did United States girls and men use different approaches to solve math problems. Girls tend to resolve problems with the slow yet accurate approach than boys cope with a faster approach but often make mistakes.

In this approach the very lucrative girls at the beginning of school, but at the end of 6th grade, the boys proved to be beyond the results of studying girls.

According to Drew Bailey, the difference between the arithmetic accuracy of boys and girls may arise from the presence of a willingness to take the risk of error by answering math problems based solely on the ability of the power ingatnya. In addition the boys prefer to directly reveal the answer shortly after in the beri issues, albeit less precise. But, over time, the practice of considering the answer to this can encourage boys goes far beyond the girls in terms of the accuracy of the answers.

Those reasons disclosed because it was observed around 300 children since class 1 to class 6 SD treading. when class 1 and 2, boys tend to quickly answer the question arithmetic but answered wrong.

Compared to the older women gave more correct answers but tend to respond more slowly and persolan questions answered.

Although it happened, but when step on the 6th grade boys are a lot more give answers with fewer error rates.

Bailey said that although the mathematics ability of developing is done in two ways namely practice males males and perfect perfect practice. That is, try to answer more questions by using the memory pushed risk takers to more practice time so that the accuracy of the answer will be improved.

Source: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

Boys smarter mathematics becasuse it is not afrain of wrong