Fish Without Face Found Back, After Missing Over 150 Years
Fish Without Face
Fish Without Face Found Back, After Missing Over 150 Years,Nearly 150 years ago never seen, a faceless fish living in the sea re-emerged. This fish was first discovered on the coast of Papua New Guinea in 1873 which was discovered by scientists in an extradition off the east coast of Australia, at a depth of 4,000 meters.

The fish is completely faceless, having only a mouth and two pink nose holes. Then the shapeless form of his head made the scientists have difficulty knowing the front and back.
According to Tim O'Hara, the chief scientist and leader of the expedition explained if the small fish looks amazing, because it has a mouth that lies under the section. So, if you see it from the side then can not see the eyes, nose, mouth or gills.
In view of the dark sea interior, sea fish in general have a chewy body and have very minimal vision. Some fish can create their own light through bioluminescence.
In addition to finding faceless fish, researchers also found many other deepwater species, such as spiky crabs that have bright red, coffinfish, deep-sea eels and others.
To conduct research by CSIRO scientists in marine areas that have not been touched by anything requires sonar tools and deep ocean cameras to identify new species. To date, thousands of successful specimens have been discovered, one-third of which are new species.