Millions of Mysterious creatures are popping up in the Oceans
Millions of Mysterious creatures are popping up in the Oceans
Scientists are very confused because Millions of Mysterious creatures are popping up in the Oceans,Probably most of you have never seen a creature contained in this article. Roughly strange and new, not just you alone, many scientists also have never seen it. This creature is called pyrosome, with the characteristics of a clear body that look like jelly, but their texture is quite dense like cucumber and covered by small spots. When in touch, this creature will release a thick pus. Then this creature is only a few centimenter, some can grow up to 60 centimeters.

However, the most interesting thing about these creatures is being able to shine in the dark so that these creatures are named from the Greek word "pyrosoma" which means the body of fire.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) revealed that this creature is somewhat rare, as it can only be found in Ivory Coast, Mediterranean Sea, or in some waters of Australia and Florida, USA. But this creature appears on the US west coast in 2012.
Since then the prome has gradually multiplied so that the number exploded into the millions over the last few months, causing it to fill the gills from Oregon to the Gulf of Alaska. In a single encryption study only captured 60,000 pieces in five minutes. The incident made salom fishermen in Sitka, Alaska, forced to fishing because the sea water became a bit thicker because of prosome.
The phenomenon made Jennifer Fisher an assistant at the Hatfield Marine Science Center at Oregon State University questioning this creature who arrives here and grows extraordinarily, into something strange. Then NOAA spoke up about the question, they explained that this phenomenon is related to rising sea temperatures. Although like iti, they are still confusion, foraman could pyrosome who should live in the tropics can reach Alaska.
Researchers still do not know when this phenomenon will continue. But if this creature's population can increase rapidly because of the appropriate conditions, so vice versa can happen if conditions do not support.